Google Cloud Storage

Publishing your Electron app artifacts to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

This Publisher was added in Electron Forge v7.1.0.

The Google Cloud Storage target publishes all your artifacts to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.


Under the hood, the Google Cloud Storage Publisher uses the @google-cloud/storage SDK and its associated authentication options.

We recommend following Google's authentication documentation for client libraries to get authentication configured.


To pass options into the Google Cloud Storage SDK's Storage constructor, use the config.storageOptions parameter.

module.exports = {
  // ...
  publishers: [
      name: '@electron-forge/publisher-gcs',
      config: {
        storageOptions: {
          // add additional Storage constructor parameters here
          projectId: 'my-project-id'
        bucket: 'my-bucket',
        folder: 'custom-folder-name',
        public: true

When executed, the Publisher will publish to your GCS bucket under the following key:

${config.folder || version}/${artifactName}

Additional configuration options are documented in PublisherGCSConfig.

If you run publish twice with the same version on the same platform, it is possible for your old artifacts to get overwritten in Storage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you don't overwrite your own releases.

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