Local Electron
This plugin should only be used by people who are building Electron locally themselves, if you want to use a fork of Electron check out the environment variables you can use to configure electron-download.
This plugin allows you to both run and package/make your app using a local build of Electron, this is incredibly useful if you want to test a feature or a bugfix in your app before making a PR up to the Electron repository. If you want to set up a local build of Electron you should check out the build instructions for your platform (Windows, macOS or Linux).

plugins: [
['@electron-forge/plugin-local-electron', {
electronPath: '/Users/me/projects/electron/out/D'

All possible configuration options are documented in LocalElectronPluginConfig. Please note that all paths must be absolute, you should use path.resolve() to make things deterministic.
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