Create a Windows installer for your Electron app using Electron Forge.
The Squirrel.Windows target builds a number of files required to distribute apps using the Squirrel.Windows framework. It generates a {appName} Setup.exe file which is the main installer for your application, {appName}-full.nupkg and a RELEASES file which you use to issue updates to your application.
Squirrel.Windows is a no-prompt, no-hassle, no-admin method of installing Windows applications and is therefore the most user friendly you can get. You can only build the Squirrel.Windows target on a Windows machine or on a macOS /Linux machine with mono and wine installed.
Configuration options are documented in MakerSquirrelConfig.


Add this to the makers section of your Forge configuration:
"name": "@electron-forge/maker-squirrel",
"config": {
"certificateFile": "./cert.pfx",
"certificatePassword": "this-is-a-secret"

My app is launching multiple times during install????

When Squirrel installs your app it actually launches it a few times with some special arguments allowing you to do some work during installation or some clean up during uninstall. You can read more about these arguments on the Electron Windows Installer README.
The easiest way to handle these arguments and stop your app launching multiple times during install is to use electron-squirrel-startup as one of the first things your app does. E.g.
const { app } = require('electron');
if (require('electron-squirrel-startup')) return app.quit();
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My app is launching multiple times during install????