Auto Unpack Native Modules Plugin

Reduce loading times and disk consumption by unpacking native Node modules from your Forge app's ASAR archive.

This plugin will automatically add all native Node modules in your node_modules folder to the asar.unpack config option in your packagerConfig. If your app uses native Node modules, you should probably use this to reduce loading times and disk consumption on your users' machines.


npm install --save-dev @electron-forge/plugin-auto-unpack-natives


You must add this plugin to your plugins array in your Forge configuration. There are currently no configuration options available for this plugin.

Asar archives are disabled by default with Electron Packager. Make sure you set your packagerConfig.asar value accordingly. This option also supports advanced configuration if you pass it an object. See the API documentation for this option for more information.

module.exports = {
  packagerConfig: {
    asar: true // or an object containing your asar options
  plugins: [
      name: '@electron-forge/plugin-auto-unpack-natives',
      config: {}

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